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Star Trek meets Firefly!


I must admit, when I stumbled upon this blog post, I had a bit of a nerdgasm. The truly nerdy side of me has always been fascinated with what-if scenarios where fictional characters from one sci fi franchise appear in another. The above amalgamation soothes my inner and outer geek into a state of pure nirvana. Now if I could only get a copy of that Star Trek-Doctor Who crossover …

Customizing our lives


The Starship Insignia

There is a fan-made Federation starship out there called the Starfleet Insignia-class. Its claim to fame is that entire huge sections of the starship can be swapped out at a starbase and replaced with sections specifically suited to whatever mission the ship has been tasked with. It’s a brilliant idea and one that is adaptable to our own lives.

Too often we pigeon-hole ourselves into very narrow categories, usually based on our work (e.g. doctor, lawyer, teacher, police, etc.) or just one part of our background (e.g. race, ethnicity, gender, etc.) When we think of ourselves in only these very narrow categories we limit our own adaptability and creativity throughout life. To continue the previous analogy, we are that starship Insignia, and we have that entire starbase of our life’s experiences to draw upon. Why limit ourselves to just one or two missions (i.e. our work or one part of our background) when we can draw upon all the missions we have ever done (i.e. all our experiences) to do whatever task needs doing?

So go forth and customize your lives, but do so using all your experiences!