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Refitting our objectives


The Refit Polaris

Starships are like jobs, they both can involve a variety of activities or be limited to just one activity, they can both be dynamic and interesting or boring and staid, and in the end, they both will come to a conclusion. My sister recently lost her job, and we actually sat down in our local hobby shop to play a game of Star Trek Fleet Captains while discussing her thoughts on her ex-job.  In many ways she is now in that point in her life that Kirk and crew were in after the original Enterprise concluded its first five-year mission. Now what? Where do I go from here? What do I do? What my sister may not realize yet, is that though she is in that limbo-like portion of her life, the best is yet to come. Kirk refocused his life after the original Enterprise and went on to achieve greatness, and I have faith that my sister will do exactly the same, achieve greatness in her own life and career.

So here’s to refitting our starships to suit us!

P.S. Here’s the Starfleet Polaris-class refit.


The Starship Polaris: Our North Star

The Starship Polaris by Dave Metlesits

With friends and family now departed from our home for Thanksgiving, I have time to post about one of my favorite subjects, Star Trek! Today I bring to you the Starfleet Polaris-class starship, a fan-made ship set in the TOS era of Star Trek. It’s a wonder nowadays to be able to search the internet for literally any topic you want, be it starships, Thanksgiving day recipes, or what-have-you. We have a guiding star in our travels through the internet.

It’s fascinating, because with all this information at our hands we often limit ourselves to only the subjects we love, so focused are we on our guiding star, our Polaris. In pre-internet days, people were very limited in their ability to choose what topics to find information on (hello World Book Encyclopedia), and subsequently read information about topics they may not have chosen if presented with alternatives. How fascinating is it that we have so much more choice and breadth in our information today, but are less generally well-rounded in our knowledge? So go forth today and veer away from your guiding star and read about something you may not have at the top of your favorites list, or better yet, something that was not on that list to begin with!