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Knight of the Crown prestige class for 5e D&D

Wizards of the Coast has posted new Unearthed Arcana rules on prestige classes for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. In the spirit of that optional ruleset, I present to you my Knight of the Crown prestige class.

Sturm Brightblade by Jason Engle

Sturm Brightblade by Jason Engle

This is still very much a draft, so I’m unsure if providing proficiency in all armor and shields is too strong. I’m also unsure whether it should be a requirement that one must have a level of the Knight of the Crown prestige class to become a member of the Knight of the Sword prestige class (in the novels, one advanced from Crown to Sword, then finally Rose).

What do you all think?

Honor and Sacrifice

It’s sad sometimes that in a fair plurality of the conversations I have with friends and acquaintances how often the subject of honor and integrity pops up, the tenets and personal code that people possess and are guided by. What’s sad is how many of these same people I talk to have to sacrifice their honor and integrity to keep their jobs. Oftentimes they feel they cannot say what they truly think or feel. 

The Knights of Solamnia are a fictional organization in the fantasy world of Dragonlance whose motto is: My Honor is my Life. Perhaps it’s only in fantasy worlds where one can say and do what’s true in your heart and mind. Perhaps it’s just a sad statement of the current trends in societal interaction. Perhaps I’ve not had my cup of coffee yet and am just rambling. 

May we all be like the Knights of Solamnia!

Tinker Gnomes: Obsessed with technology


A male tinker gnome

I don’t often post about fantasy, particularly Dragonlance’s  tinker gnomes, but several observations/encounters prompted this post. In the Dragonlance world, tinker gnomes are unlike the gnomes of other fantasy series because they are neither interested or capable in wielding magic. The sole focus of every tinker gnome is to tinker with gadgets, with technology. In fact, tinkers are so obsessed with technology that they will find a technological solution to a problem even when there is a much more logical and efficient non-technological solution. e.g. A tinker gnome will build a mechanical steam-powered machine to take sensor readings of the ambient light levels outside coupled to a facts machine that will then write out its findings and have said finding mechanically delivered to the machine’s operator … or you could just look out a window and see how much light there is.

Let me preface by saying that I love smartphones. The touchscreens, the convenience, the digital power, it’s all quite intoxicating. There comes a point though, when even love crosses over into unhealthy obsession. My wife and I have encountered various instances of this kind of obsession. Incident example one: A man walking his dog is so busy looking at his smartphone that he almost collides with my wife on a wide sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon. Incident example two: A woman is so busy looking at her smartphone she collides (at under 10 mph) with a car at the stoplight she is sitting at. Incident example three: many people sitting around a table in a restaurant waiting for their food and instead of talking to their table-mates are instead messing with their smartphones (tweeting about their food?).

We have become Tinker Gnomes!

Fantasy update – Dragonlance

Check out the Dragonlance page for a brief overview of why I always return to this fantasy fiction series.

RPG Baby

LOL, future bard!