There’s a lot to be learned from our past. With careful study we can see what mistakes have been made, what triumphs have been had, and use that knowledge to guide what is and is yet to come.

Several historical eras/subjects fascinate me.

  • Aztecs and Incas vs. Spanish Conquistadors: It is the ultimate clash of cultures, with the outcome the fate of an entire world (New). What’s not to be fascinated with?
  • Ming Dynasty: Two words: Treasure Fleets!
  • Mongol Empire: Largest contiguous land empire in the history of the world, that but for an arrow might have gone on to conquer all of Europe.
  • Qin Dynasty: China’s first dynasty, the Qin helped unify China for the first time in history.
  • Roman Empire: The grandest empire of Europe, with its gladiators, legions, pantheons, and politicians, all pinning their hopes and dreams on an empire greater than any that came before, or since.

One response to “History

  1. I would hope we can learn from the Borg, they assimilate the good things and reject the bad.
    Aztecs and Incas vs. Spanish Conquistadors- Don’t overlook the Taínos from the Caribbean Islands, they were the first contact with Columbus.
    Roman Empire: Most of who we are is a product of their undertakings. Did we learn from their warfare techniques? Yes and no. I’m thinking about the Goths and Vietnam.

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