Science Fiction

I enjoy science fiction in its myriad forms. Below are just some of the specific ones I like.

  • Star Trek
  • Babylon 5
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Serenity: The Firefly t.v. show was okay, but the movie was sheer win.
  • Stargate
  • Star Wars
  • Serenity
  • Transformers: I’m talking more the original cartoon than the recent live-action movies.

3 responses to “Science Fiction

  1. The only one on your list that I haven’t been able to get into is SW. I took my kids to everyone of the movies and bought them the toys (the ones I could afford), but I don’t consider myself a fan.

  2. What happend to Space 1999 and Blakes 7 and Farscape and Battlestar Classic?

    • I never really got into Space 1999, only ever heard of Blake’s 7 (but never watched it), and was including both classic and re-imagined when I listed Battlestar Galactica 🙂

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