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The Re-Examined Life

Lots of interesting philosophical discussions and thoughts have happened today, and in the preceding weeks. What about? Veganism. Yes, I have given serious thought to living a vegan lifestyle. Based on my eating habits alone, I and my wife would say I’m 90% there. More thinking on the matter is needed.

To commemorate my first post in a LONG time, here’s the Starfleet Ambassador-class Yamaguchi refit, in a new and shiny format. Enjoy!

A bald man, an asian figure skater, and alien fish people

So, what do a bald man, an asian figure skater, and alien fish people have in common? It’s not some tasteless joke, or at least, it’s not one I’m aware of. Feel free to enlighten me if there is one (maybe). Anyways, I present to you:

  • Starfleet Sovereign-class Enterprise refit: The Enterprise as it appeared in Captain Picard’s last movie, Nemesis.
  • Starfleet Ambassador-class Yamaguchi refit: The same class of starship as the Enterprise-C, I believe this refit was named after the Japanese American figure skater, or perhaps the prefecture in Japan, not entirely sure which.
  • Xindi-Aquatic Warship: This ginormous ship is over 2 kilometers long and filled with water for its alien fish people crew. I wish they had more aliens like this in all of Star Trek’s incarnations, but alas, I know, budgetary and technological constraints made it all but impossible. But hey, it’s not every day we run into alien fish people flying giant manta-ray shaped starships filled with water.