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Hostile aliens

No, I’m not talking about U.S. border issues, though perhaps in a way I am, especially after you read this post. I’m talking about the aliens that are out to get us. They’re here to destroy Earth or enslave humanity, or use human beings as food, what have you. One of the enduring traits Star Trek has in abundance is the belief that there’s always a brighter future out there, just waiting for us to grasp. Yes, we may run into some terrible difficulties along the way, but that’s par for the course, eventually we will find our own way and be at peace with not only our enemies, but ourselves. We will find a way to do no harm. My wife, the yogini (I believe that’s the right term!) would subscribe to this perspective.

So today let’s discuss the Romulans, Klingons, and Talarians. What do these three Star Trek alien species all have in common? They’ve all attacked humanity in some way, shape, or form. They are also all species from whom that initial conflict has resulted from misunderstanding and lack of communication. Eventually (in some cases centuries’ worth of time), that misunderstanding and lack of communication was rectified. It took time, and a communicative effort to truly understand these alien cultures, before humanity could come to an accord with them. Here’s where the hope that pervades Star Trek’s philosophy comes in, for the hope is that though someone or many someones are our enemy now does not mean they will be our enemy in the future. The hope is that if we come to know our enemy, to understand them, by communicating with them, by reaching out to them, they will come to know and understand us as well.

We fear that which we do not understand, and one little nugget of wisdom we can take from Star Trek is that if human beings can come to understand truly alien species, then we can certainly come to understand ourselves, in all our different forms. Eventually.

I hope.

So below you will find some starships for the aforementioned aliens:

Vulcans are Yogis

After several discussions with my wife (a yogi), we’ve come to the conclusion that Vulcans are the ultimate yogis. They have a philosophy of non-violence, only consume plant matter, are aware of their emotions but not controlled by them, and go into spiritual sabbaticals into the fiercest natural environments.

Live long and Ohm.