On this page you can find starships and stations I’ve created for Decipher’s CODA Star Trek roleplaying game. The starships and stations are organized according to century and political faction.

Andorian Empire

Civilization brief: Formal name of the government of the Andorian people. One of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets in the mid-22nd century, of which Starfleet is the primary defense force.


Civilization brief: A deeply spiritual people that were subjugated by the Cardassians in the early half of the 24th century. Recently freed from the decades-long Cardassian occupation, they are now developing close ties with the United Federation of Planets.

Borg Collective

Cardassian Union

Civilization brief: A resource-poor empire, its expansion was fueled thereby, leading this polity into conflict with its more powerful neighbors, the Federation and the Klingons. A massive invasion by the latter led to the Union’s eventual Dominion membership and subsequent devastation at the conclusion of the Dominion War.



Civilization brief: A genetically-engineered species, the Jem’Hadar function as the enforcers and soldiers of the Dominion, a multi-species civilization residing in the Gamma Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.

Kazon collective

  • 24th century
    • Kazon Predator-class: A massive starship used by the Kazon as a shuttle/fighter carrier.
    • Kazon Raider: A medium-sized starship that is woefully outgunned by a Federation Intrepid-class.

Klingon Empire

Orion Syndicate

Other Species

Romulan Star Empire


Civilization brief: The exploration and defensive arm of the multispecies United Federation of Planets.

Tholian assembly

United Earth


  • Antiquity
    • Planet Killer: An automated machine that consumes entire planets for fuel.


Vulcan Confederation

  • 20th century
  • 22nd century


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  17. I’d love to see an Odyssey Class from STO as well!

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