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The Earth-Romulan War, Part 2

The 1st refit of the NX-class.

The 1st refit of the NX-class.

In a prior post, many months ago, I discussed the Earth-Romulan War. In that first interstellar conflict between Earth and Romulus, humanity found itself at a decided disadvantage against a mysterious and hostile species bent on humanity’s destruction. In the various Star Trek television and movie series, this event was always just a backdrop. However, pocket books released two novels in the Romulan War series that detailed the war in depth, heavily featuring the United Earth NX-class refit. All well and good, but the recent reference book, the Federation – The First 150 years, further muddies the matter by contradicting events in the Romulan War series. Both of these sources are contradicted by the Star Trek: Legacy computer game!

All of this to say, that there are things in life that are perhaps best left as purely backdrop elements, memories not to be forgotten, but also not the focus or constantly at the forefront of people’s minds. Perhaps we’d have less conflict in our world today if people left the muddied past where it belongs, in the past, and instead focused on the here and now.

The Romulans

The “Vertical” Warbird. Image originally from http://drexfiles.wordpress.com/.

Similar to the Klingons, the Romulans are another Star Trek threat species that has changed from its original portrayal. In the days of the Original Series they were honorable warriors willing to fight to the death … but by the time of the Next Generation, they were still willing to fight to the death, but they would spy on you, sabotage your stuff, try and misdirect your righteous anger at another species, then fight to the death.

Today’s starship is an interesting one, as it was the original design by Andrew Probert to be a vertically-oriented starship, something in complete contravention to all other Star Trek ships and their mostly horizontal orientation. I’m not saying it’s pretty, in fact, to me it looks rather odd and vaguely headache-inducing. It is different though. Perhaps the Romulans decided to intentionally create a ship that would induce headaches in humans?Without further ado, you can find the ship below, as well as on my starships page.