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The Dominion War

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Dominion War was a major interstellar war featured in the Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine. When the war arc of episodes began airing many fans were upset, arguing that it went in contravention of the spirit of Star Trek, one that presents a positive vision of the future. DS9, they argued, was too gritty, too negative. There’s definitely some merit to these arguments, but at the same time the Dominion War needed to be shown.

Star Trek has always had this positive portrayal of humanity’s future, but it has always served as a vehicle for issues facing our society. War is something that no other Star Trek series has dealt with in any significant way, and it was a bold move on the part of DS9 to make that leap and devote two seasons to its exploration. We saw many instances where our highly idealized future members of humanity (aka Starfleet) were faced with moral conundrums, sometimes forced to choose a path that would lead to victory at the cost of compromising their own moral code. Some of these people chose the former, some the latter. This perfectly highlights the human condition; do we do what’s convenient or do we do what’s right? If we’re lucky, these choices are mutually inclusive, but we’re not often that lucky in real life. Humanity is constantly evolving, and even in our idealized future, there’s still room to grow and change for the better.

Here’s a¬†Starfleet Javelin-class¬†fighter similar to fighters used by the Federation in the Dominion War.