I live, but will Star Trek’s financial dream live?


The Emissary

After many long months, I’m finally posting again. Hopefully this will not be an infrequent occurrence. The original Star Trek has always had a rather socialist economic system, later muddled by subsequent series that introduced things like Federation credits and gold-pressed latinum. At its core, the Star Trek universe as presented is a much more equitable one than the world we live in today, whatever lens it may be viewed by (social, political, economic). After having watched the video link below that a friend sent me, I wonder sometimes if we will achieve something more equitable in my lifetime, or even in my children’s lifetime.


Below are two starships, one from the Enterprise-era, and one from the era of Star Trek: Online. Both represent visions of a more equitable world, visions we can strive for even if we never achieve it.

Starfleet Bonaventure-class (updated format)

Starfleet Emissary-class


8 responses to “I live, but will Star Trek’s financial dream live?

  1. Love the write ups.
    Off topic question: 1) On the Blind Luck Trait the effect says: “The effect is unique to this vessel alone and may not be reproduced intentionally in mass production.” Then why does Borg vessels seem to have this trait as mass production?..
    2) How would you do Dominion long range transporters? Quote from Memory Alpha: “Dominion transporters utilized transponders which enabled them to transport individuals across distances as far as three light years. (DS9: “Covenant”)”
    3) Have you had any (and I mean any contact) with Maria Ferandez (FugaziGrrl) or Tammany Knox or Bess Knox lately? I am starting to get a little concerned. I had no contact with any of them in a while. .Bess contacted back in May when she asked to e mail her some stats other than than that nothing.

    • Glad you enjoyed the write ups!

      1) I would attribute the Blind Luck trait as a characteristic of the much-more advanced Borg vessels, and something incapable of being mass-produced by the less-advanced civilizations like the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, etc.

      2) I would write it up as an edge that could be individually purchased by each ship, seeing as how it was only used sparingly during the DS9 series, implying it was rare and/or difficult to pull off.

      3) I’ve been out of the blogging/posting scene since early summer of this year and I believe that was the last time I had any contact with any of those CODA Star Trek community members. They could just be super busy IRL, or fallen out of the hobby scene for a bit, or some combination of the two.

  2. In regards to Q 2) That’s the problem I cannot think of LR transporters as an edge..except maybe since it was used very little; could LR transporters also be a Blind Luck trait ? This would be a simpler solution that writing it up as separate edge or a alien system. What do you think.

    • Blind luck would work as well. An even simpler solution would be to just hand-wave it and say that all Jem’Hadar starships have transporters with longer range.

  3. I really good enjoy ally of your Star Trek write ups. I especially enjoy the space stations. They always seemed to be a rare thing for the community. Please keep producing the star trek online write ups. I so enjoy the MMO and want to share the environment on the tabletop. thank you!

  4. Sorry for the poor grammar. I was typing with a tablet and was all thumbs.

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