Star Trek Into Darkness, living it Large


It’s another giant dark starship beating up the Enterprise!

I watched the latest Star Trek movie with a group of like-minded Star Trek fans. We all agreed it was a fast-paced action-packed movie with lots of homages made to the original series fans, and very entertaining to watch. That being said, there seems to be so much conflict between original fans and new fans. The former consider the new trek to be a Star Wars flick with the serial numbers filed off and replaced with Star Trek names and places. The latter consider the new trek to be a breath of much-needed fresh air for an otherwise now-stale and nearly dead franchise. I am not sure exactly where I fall, probably a little bit of both.

If I had to, I’d say either way you look at it, it’s a good thing for Star Trek. The new movies have generated more interest in Star Trek , and that’s always a good thing for keeping the franchise going. Despite this, some fans have some serious issues with the size of the new Enterprise. Fans of the “old” trek say the new Enterprise can’t be more than 300+ meters in length, while fans of the “new” trek say its as it was stated in various abodes on the interwebz, 700+ meters in length. All sorts of evidence is cited, from art designer quotes to meticulous pixel by pixel examinations. As far as enjoying the movies, does it really matter?

Again, I am not sure which is quite right, not without some definitive tech manual popping up from an official source saying, “The Enterprise is X meters long.” So without further ado, I give you this revised and updated version of the USS Kelvin, large and in charge! Stay tuned in the next few weeks as I will also be statting out the large and in-charge USS Vengeance from the latest Trek film!

Starfleet Kelvin-class large


2 responses to “Star Trek Into Darkness, living it Large

  1. I didn’t like the new movie, but unlike most nerdrage, mine isn’t grounded in a fear of change or some elitist demand that action movies be banned. After all, I loved the 2009 movie (especially the beginning). I felt that Into Darkness went from a homage to downright ridiculing us (i.e., TOS fans). It’s one thing to include Easter eggs, but it got to the point where most of the dialog was plagiarized (with the yell being insulting), and sympathizing with the relationship between Kirk and Spock relied on one having watched the prior movies, being that their reboot relationship was all but four hours, most of that time spent not liking one another. Really, just make your own movie. The worst part about it, though, is that a reboot should be an opportunity to do something right that wasn’t done right before. Instead, they took something done *perfectly* and did it rather poorly.

    Still, if people liked it, I have no problem with that. I’m glad they didn’t feel that they wasted their money on a movie ticket.

    I couldn’t care less how long the Enterprise is. 🙂

    • For TOS fans they likely did overdo the homages to the point of plagiarist insults. But i think they’re not primarily concerned with TOS fans so much as they are with the new fans they attracted with the 2009 movie, which is why this 2nd movie is all the more perplexing. They did have the opportunity to completely go away from the TOS movies, as this is an alternate timeline, and the new fans would never have been the wiser, but they did a weird combo of a different no-win scenario with the same TOS villains.

      Hopefully they’ll go into brand new territory with the 3rd film without having to recycle TOS material. If it’s an alternate timeline, let it be alternate, and not some bizarro copy of the TOS timeline.

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