The Cardassians: Resource Scarcity and War


The Hutet-class Battleship

The Cardassian Hutet-class starship was a powerful battleship designed by the Cardassians around the time of the Dominion War. The Cardassians were a resource-poor polity that was ever-expanding its empire to remedy that lack of resources. Ironically, this expansion meant a further drain on their empire’s resources, thus fueling further expansion.

How many times have we seen the same vicious cycle at work here on Earth? Resource scarcity begets war begets resource scarcity begets war. Perhaps the only way to truly reduce or eliminate this vicious cycle here on Earth is to expand out into space and acquire resources from other worlds in our own solar system. The cynic in me, though, would only surmise that we would just expand our wars into space. The optimist in me, however, would hope that we could spin the exploration of space as a conquest requiring the unity of all humanity to succeed.


4 responses to “The Cardassians: Resource Scarcity and War

  1. In which episode of ds9 appears the hutet warship?

  2. But if you Look on the Website linked with the blue words “cardassian hutet-class” on the Top of the page, you ll see under “appearance” standing ds9.

    • That’s just to indicate that the ship is associated with that particular Star Trek series. It doesn’t mean it necessarily showed up in the t.v. episodes.

      If you look at the pdf it links it too it states in “appearances” that the Hutet was shown only in the video game.

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