The Eugenics Wars

Khan Singh, genetic superman.

In Star Trek lore, the Eugenics Wars were a series of conflicts in late 20th century Earth that was precipitated by the creation of genetic supermen. These genetically superior human beings launched a plan to take over the world from non-genetically enhanced humans. The results of their plans led to millions of deaths and a ban of all such genetic enhancements not just on Earth but throughout the entire Federation.

Now scientists have taken one step closer towards genetic enhancement by breaching an ethical taboo and modifying genes across generations. They are doing so for good reasons, namely the prevention of inheritable genetic disease, but we all know the saying about the road paved with good intentions. It will be fascinating to see where this will lead in the years to come. Will it remain relatively benign, or will we have a case of the financial elite genetically modifying their children to be physical and mental elites?

Speaking of modifying the rules … here’s an update to my Expanded CODA Rules for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game.


3 responses to “The Eugenics Wars

  1. Nice. I love space seed and especially the extraordinarily unlikely fight between kirk and Kahn. I’m afraid it was much more likely that Kahn would be captain of the enterprise after that showdown.

  2. Reblogged this on DownHouseSoftware and commented:
    Another take on my making better babies post from last week.

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