Future Imperfect

Just as in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s series finale, I sometimes feel as though our own society is racing towards collapse. I see man’s inhumanity towards man, politicians spouting the same old rhetoric, petty acts of vandalism and destruction, and so much ill-will towards other groups, whether those groups be different religiously, ethnically, racially, or whatnot.

But as a lover of all things historical, I take the moment to look at our world and compare it to what it was like even a century ago, and despite all our problems plaguing us today, from the economy, to racial and national tensions, to ecological stresses, we are better off than we were. We do live better and longer lives, with more opportunities than ever before to achieve our dreams both large and small.

It’s difficult sometimes to be positive, but it’s important in times of difficulty to be mindful of all we do have and all we might yet achieve, both individually and as a society. We can change the world for the better. We already have. We just have to remind ourselves of that every now and then.

So here’s to a future perfect!

Here’s a new starship, to boot:


4 responses to “Future Imperfect

  1. Oh so true. And thats a sweet ship. …I wonder if the crew needs a yoga teacher?

  2. They probably do! Yoga amongst the stars!

  3. Remember the we are heading down the tubes and sprinting to WWIII. We will pull & push and take our society to the brink of collapse untill our spirit will rise and save us. also remember we will not reach utopia untill the 23rd century and we need the first contact from the Vulcans to finaly create that bond when we discuver for fact that we are not alone.

  4. oops sorry about the spelling mistake

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