Militant Federation

The Vigilant-class Heavy Escort (Warship)

In the universe of Star Trek: Online the peaceful Federation has come into increasing conflict with the Klingon Empire, with the result that the Federation has begun producing more warships, rather than its formerly (almost) exclusive policy of building multi-function starships suitable for both peaceful and military purposes.

It’s interesting that the Federation would have ever thought that it could realistically sustain its territory without building ships dedicated to war. The reason being the Federation is an obvious analogy for either the United States (or more rarely the United Nations). Can you imagine the United States naval fleet being composed of ships that were like the Federation’s multi-purpose ships? We’d have ships that would be housing entire families, with large areas devoted to arboretums and recreation areas. As laudable as the Federation’s intent is, it is not something that would be feasible here on Earth, just as in the end it proved to be unfeasible in the fictional universe of Star Trek. Perhaps one day we can have sea ships similar to the Federation’s starships, vessels that while capable of defending themselves are more suited to peaceful purposes.

Check out the militant Federation ship below:


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