Bajorans, refugees of Star Trek

The Bajorans were first introduced into Star Trek as a species of refugees, their homeworld having been taken over by the reptilian-like Cardassians. What was the Federation, that all-inclusive beneficent civilization in part founded by enlightened human beings seeking to do no harm, doing while the Cardassians were strip-mining the Bajoran homeworld for decades and enslaving its people? Nothing. You see, the Federation has this policy of non-interference (called the Prime Directive) that forbids them from interfering in the affairs of other species, particularly if that species is less-technologically advanced. That seems reasonable, as otherwise we might have situations where we’d be equipping the Mongol warriors of 1000 A.D. with Abrams tanks, grenade launchers, and machine guns.

But in some ways, the Prime Directive seems like the ultimate coward’s way out. As Burke and some others said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” How often have we been guilty of just that? Standing by and letting something we know to be wrong go on? Why? Perhaps because we fear we are ourselves wrong.

Below is just one type of ship used by the beleaguered Bajorans.


4 responses to “Bajorans, refugees of Star Trek

  1. Ahhh the conundrum of the PD. “Do we stay or do we go now…. ” How many times was the PD invoked one minute, only to have to smashed to bits the next, usually by some well meaning Captain 🙂
    The intention behind the PD is certainly one we can support, and really given that it was ‘mostly’ humans that wrote it, we cant expect it to be perfect. And if they were to leave any leeway in it, the future would be filled with Situations much like what we have now…… think Afghanistan.

    • I agree that there’s always the chance that cultural interference would lead to mistakes and even an untenable situation (ala Afghanistan). But if history is to be any judge, then do we have the moral imperative to stand by and do nothing as something terrible occurs? Imagine if the United States had stood by during World War II while Germany rampaged across Europe and Japan across Asia. Where would the world be now? In all likelihood it would be dominated by fascist governments.

  2. A newbee here, yeah I know is misspelled but since I call myself borg1of1 and I am female…. I knew you’ll understand! I love your site and I will be following you.
    I also love the Bajorans. I have one of their earrings, a present of my son number one. Two and three sons are also Star Trek fans. No, those are not their names but their birth order. I live in the oldest colony left on the Western world.
    Hey come on over to my site tell me what you think about the idea while I peruse the rest of yours.

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