Star Trek: The Re-Imagined Series

Pew Pew, all your borgified missiles belongs to us!

Love it or hate it, the Re-imagined Star Trek is here to stay. Many Trek fans know, or soon will know, that the next movie featuring the cast of the Re-Imagined Star Trek will soon be here with the uber-psionic Gary Mitchell as the big bad evil guy. I’ll go out on a limb and say that I enjoyed the new Trek. I know many fans find it distasteful, what with the change to the timeline, the freakishly large Enterprise, Kirk going from cadet to captain in a few days time, not to mention the destruction of the planet Vulcan. I’ll admit, those things bother me a bit too. But that’s good. We need change and evolution in our lives if we are to grow and live. The status quo and more of the same don’t work, it always leads to stagnation and ennui in both our personal lives and in our media. Sure the changes may be unpleasant, even unpalatable, but just look at the facts: Star Trek is likely more popular now than it has ever been in its history.

Whether they are cranking out Trek in the movies, in novels, in comic books, it’s all good to me, and I hope for you.

So without further ado, I present to you the Starfleet Constitution-class (alternate) Enterprise from the 2009 movie!



4 responses to “Star Trek: The Re-Imagined Series

  1. The article itself suggests that this isn’t official that Gary Mitchell is the villain. My fingers are still crossed for Sybok as an apocalyptic visionary.

  2. True, but it would seem to make more sense that it’d be an “older” villain like Mitchell or even Khan than a more “recent” one like Sybok, if they’re going with recycling villains. In the original, Kirk was a newly-minted captain after Pike when the whole incident with Mitchell happened. In Star Trek now, we have a newly-minted captain after Pike.

    I’d be pleasantly surprised if the new villain was exactly that, a new villain.

    • While older villains and a new villain both make sense, it would still make perfect sense of an “I told you so” kind of guy to react to the destruction of his home planet by accelerating his plans by 10-15 years. If you’ve read the novelization of Star Trek V, you must know how interesting of a character Sybok is. That novel makes the movie 1,000x better to watch. Abrams could do a lot with Sybok, so if he’s revisiting a villain from the older series, I’d prefer Sybok.

  3. I must admit to only knowing Sybok through Star Trek V, and through no other medium. If reading that novel will increase my appreciation for arguably one of the least-liked Trek movies, I may have to check it out!

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