Nothing Fancy here

So I’ve been experimenting with a new format for the Star Trek starships I’ve been statting out for the CODA rpg. It’s nothing too fancy, certainly nothing like Captain Kirk above, but I think it looks much nicer than the older format I’ve been using, and the even older format (which you won’t see here) I used to use. So we’ve got the:

  • Borg Probe: Not THAT kind of probe, but the scoutship type. The Borg are cybernetic beings intent on improving themselves in any way possible, which translates into they take your stuff and use it so they have better stuff (stuff being you and everything technological you make). They were originally supposed to be insect-like, but I rather like their cybernetic humanoid look.
  • Tamarian Darmok-class: The Tamarians, or the Children of Tama are a neat alien species. They communicate entirely in metaphor. So instead of saying “Oh God we’re all going to die”, I would say “Leonidas, at Thermopylae”. Instead of “I love you so much I’d die for you”, we would instead say “Romeo and Juliet, when the families fought” or some such.
  • Krenim Warship: The Krenim are another alien of the week whose sole shtick is they are masters of time, and do all sorts of things like wipe out their opponents by making sure they never existed in the first place. Charming, eh?
  • Starfleet Vesta-class: This Federation ship features prominently in the Star Trek: Destiny novels, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. It continues the original Star Trek timeline beyond the Star Trek: Nemesis movie, but unlike the latter, it manages to be both entertaining and not a total mindwipe.

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